Military Driver Campaign- Under 21


If you are in the transportation industry, you are aware of the driver shortage that has continued to be a major problem with all aspect of the supply chain. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration(FMCAS) has started a new campaign to get more drivers on the road. “Our country has a shortage of truck drivers. This resource will help military service members translate their training into good-paying jobs safely operating commercial vehicles across the country,” commented U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao.


If you have military experience and are 18-20 years old, you can now haul interstate freight.  Additional requirements include heavy-vehicle training while in military service, and the sponsorship from a participating motor carrier. There are some big names backing the project,including UPS and Prime Inc. Those interested would just need to go to a new website set up by the FMCAS, and with the equivalent of a commercial driver’s license, can explore job opportunities on the site.


There is also going to be a keen eye over the next three years on the safety scores of the drivers with military experience to compare it to the existing safety trends with drivers. This is also important as the program only focuses on younger drivers.  FMCAS is looking to determine if age is a critical safety factor. Once participants turn 21, they will no longer be eligible for the program and replaced with new recruits. While the unemployment rate is only at 3.5%(as of September) there are already 200 people signed up for this new program.


With the data gathered from this new program it could be a viable solution to getting younger blood into the transportation industry. It could also become a great solution for those just getting out of the military who may be struggling to find immediate employment. With a quick response through social media the new campaign seems like it could be a promising source for recruiting more drivers.

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