Introducing A New Era: ARL Network’s New Core Values


We are excited to unveil our company’s new Core Values, marking a pivotal moment in our journey towards unity, efficiency and continued excellence. Our management team recently rolled out the EOS Model - as we recognized the need to align our business components under a singular banner, that is ARL Network. By embracing a unified identity, we can better convey the breadth of our offerings to our valued clients and the rest of our nationwide network.

Core Value #1: Everyone Is Our Customer

We have always operated with the fundamental belief that "Everyone is our customer”, ever since our company was founded in 1978. This ethos underscores our commitment to treating all stakeholders with respect and prioritizing their needs. Whether it’s our clients, independent contractors, agents, vendors, or carriers each interaction is an opportunity to exemplify our dedication to operating the right way and to our standards. By fostering a culture of mutual respect and collaboration, we ensure that every transaction moves forward seamlessly, benefitting all involved.

Core Value #2: Lunch Pail Mentality

Embedded within our culture is the "Lunch Pail Mentality", a testament to our blue-collar work ethic and unwavering determination. In an industry as demanding as ours, success hinges on grit and perseverance. We seek individuals who embrace challenges head-on, understanding that hard work is not just a requirement, but a badge of honor. With this mindset we tackle each day with resolve, knowing that our collective efforts drive our success.

Core Value #3: Own It

Accountability is the cornerstone of our operation, encapsulated in the principle of "Own It." We empower our team members to take ownership of their responsibilities (or any situation), ensuring that tasks are seen through to completion. In a fast-paced environment with a myriad of moving parts, accountability fosters reliability & trust. By embodying a proactive approach to problem-solving we uphold our commitment to excellence not just for our customers, but for each other. 

Core Value #4: Passion for Greatness

We are driven by a relentless "Passion for Greatness." This intrinsic motivation fuels our pursuit of innovation and the continuous process of improvement. We challenge the status quo by recognizing that complacency is the antithesis of progress. With a creative mindset and a desire to exceed expectations, we strive for greatness in everything we do, knowing that the road to excellence is not a destination but a journey.

Our Core Focus: Small Wins, Every Day

Progress isn’t measured in leaps. It is measured in the culmination of daily wins (no matter how small), and the mindset of becoming better than you were the day before. By encouraging our team to celebrate small wins every day we’re laying the foundation for a stronger tomorrow. It’s in these small wins that we get better both individually and as a company.

Aligning Our Actions With Our Values

As we embrace these Core Values, we usher in a new era of cohesion, resilience, and excellence at ARL Network. By aligning our actions with our values, we fortify our commitment to delivering best-in-class service to our customers; fueled by collaboration, accountability, and a shared passion for greatness. Welcome to the future of ARL Network — where every interaction is an opportunity and every success is another step forward on the road to excellence. 

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