What You Need To Know About Partial Shipping


Most large-scale shippers are accustomed to sending out full truck loads of material on a regular basis. Loading and unloading 40,000 lbs. of product can become quite monotonous when you are responsible for coordinating multiple orders every single day. One can easily be lulled to sleep by the repetitive nature of the labor. Not every shipment fits the standardized mold of full truckload shipping, however, and moving a partial can seem so daunting that many shippers will just pay for an entire truck. What they need is a partner that can understand how to maximize their supply chain and drive down costs.

The common LTL carriers that dominate the market can be good resources to transport materials that fit their specific niche. However, they all have their shortcomings. Some service providers only work best in a limited region of the county. Others only shine if the products fit their unique profile for material and packaging. All LTL carriers operate out of consolidation warehouses, which means the product will change hands multiple times, and come on and off of various trucks on its way to the final destination. There is a much higher risk of your material being damaged in these situations. All of their business models are based on volume production, and therefore, the small-scale or infrequent LTL shipper will struggle to secure competitive pricing discounts and consistent service.

Often times, the most efficient means of fulfilling the order and keeping customers happy is right under the shipper’s nose. Most over the road truck drivers have been known to throw on an extra partial when the right opportunity presents itself. Oftentimes, a truck is loaded while leaving 10-15ft of space unoccupied on the trailer. As long as it is within customer regulations, picking up a few extra pallets is a great way for drivers to increase their bottom line and keep multiple customers happy. These drivers are typically able to complete deliveries on a much tighter time frame for shippers, and they are able to do it at a fraction of the cost when compared to common LTL providers. The service level in these transactions is typically much higher than anything provided by a big box LTL carrier, and the material will not be transloaded onto other trucks prior to delivery. Shippers can easily reduce their chances of experiencing a claim, and increase efficiency with more specific on time deliveries.

Here at ARL, we have developed a customized team to help fulfill this specific need for various accounts. Each customer is different, and we are accustomed to learning how to best operate within their supply chain. Our partial team is uniquely equipped to come alongside any account within our network, and provide value added services at no additional cost.

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