The Importance of Partnerships


This too shall pass… 

Historians suggest this quote can be traced to Persian Sufi poets.  It is a simple yet powerful message that no matter the current situation, it will ultimately change.  During times of blessings and hardships, it is imperative to understand the present, yet know that it is not the norm.

In regards to transportation, the industry has certainly seen disruptors over the last few decades.  Whether it was the creation of internet load boards, the expansion of large 3PLs, or even the introduction of digital brokers, all of which made ripple in the logistics space.  In addition, economic situations and weather events are actively affecting this space, international tariffs and Hurricane Dorian. 

One way to ensure your transportation network does not experience major disruption is by establishing long-lasting, strategic partnerships.  Having these types of relationships during times of change and turmoil can lessen the financial swings and added stress of shipping.  When looking for a trusted vendor, seek an organization that has a respected reputation and treats you as partner, rather than another customer.  Ask questions and make sure they truly know the industry, have them tell you not only where the market is now, but, also where it is going.  In a soft market, ensure they are sharing in the gains.  An ideal partner should look to solve your toughest challenges, not simply settle for the low hanging fruit.  

If you’d like to have a conversation to see if a partnership with ARL makes sense, please do not hesitate to reach out.  412-507-2997 or

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