How Near Shore Staffing Can Benefit From The Logistics Industry


For years we have seen companies attempt to utilize staffing solutions in other countries. Finding programmers in India or Eastern Europe was always an attractive solution because of the access to talent and cost savings. But over the past 5 years, companies have seen the value in moving administrative and back-office activities to other countries to offset some of the investments costs for growing their companies. Billing, data entry, track and trace, and POD retrieval are where most companies start. As you develop and train the talent they can begin to take on more complex tasks.

The new hot spot for near shoring in Colombia, South America. There are several key reasons why Colombia is attractive to US-based logistics companies.

  • Time zones match up with Eastern and Central time zones
  • Direct flights from southern Florida - most under 3 hours
  • Residents speak English and Spanish at a minimum
  • Employees love the opportunity to become a part of a US-based company culture

You now have multiple options if you want to explore near-shore staffing solutions. It is important that you take the time to vet out the company you partner with which should include an on-site visit. You need to make sure the companies management team will fully support your vision and help you implement your company culture. Nearshore staffing is not an overnight solution. The first year of implementation is crucial to future success. Train your initial team to be specialist and they will allow you to scale your business long term.

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