Earth, Wind & Fire


Earth, Wind, and Fire. No, I’m not talking about the band. I’m talking about mother nature and how it affects our freight needs. Whether its landslides, tornadoes, or fire, freight still has to be picked up and delivered. So how are we getting better at predicting what mother nature is going to throw at us next? One word, TECHNOLOGY!

Before technology, drivers had to rely on word of mouth for weather predictions. They didn’t have the weather app on their phone and dispatchers didn’t have access to changing weather conditions.  Last year, IBM acquired The Weather Company to make the best use of this data, applying cognitive technology to it for optimal forecasting.  IBM has helped get this information to supply chain managers at companies so they can better predict when and where their goods need to be shipped. This data can let shippers and drivers know how long it will take for products to be shipped and set realistic expectations for delivery.

Weather conditions can make it hazardous and even impossible for delivery trucks to transport products to distributors and retailers. Snow, ice, and heavy rain can slow or even stop transportation, making products such as groceries unavailable when they are most needed. With the information gathered from past and current data, shippers and receivers can predict when and how to get the products that they need. Dispatchers can be proactive and find the safest routes for their drivers, so consumers can receive the products on time.

Technology is constantly changing and will continue to help shippers, receivers, and drivers with every advancement. With better ways to predict where and when goods need to be, ARL can better assist our clients in transport these important products when a big storm is expected.  Similar to technology, our process matures each and every day to better serve our clients and we will continue to invest in technology advancements in order to be a leading provider of freight services in the industry.

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